What's Our Story?

The management team of ClickActivate actually began life from a small promotional advertising business then turned their hand recently to running a small eCommerce site. The new product and eCommerce site arrived brand-new to the market and quickly rose to top page rank positions in a very highly competitive category, in less than six months.

Soon friends and associates were asking if something could be done for their websites and ClickActivate was born.

The interaction between direction, website, mission, content, customers, technology and search is exciting and ever changing. The landscape in search is always shifting, and we believe this is a good thing. Recently, changes to Google search called Panda and Fresh - reward those with more relevant content, and seeking branding; a name to be made. We believe this benifits small business; all we need is the right combination of technology and strategy. The answers are always out there, and we can achieve success.

What ClickActivate brings to the tableĀ  - more often than other SEO companies, is a strong core background in small business. With over 25 years in a successful promotional advertising business, the team is well honed in customer service, small business concerns, and growth. The team understands intimately the every day issues a small business owner faces and takes a partnership relationship approach rather than the quick payday attitude that permeates the SEO/SEM industry.

Our core philosophy: We can all succeed.