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Posted by Gwen on August 31, 2012


For anyone interested in doing advertising and have decided to go into the AdSense side of the Google advertising paradigm ( as opposed to Adwords) - I would highly recommend checking out their blog :  Google - Inside Adsense Blog, link for the Adsense Academy

This link is nice in that you don't need to be logged into a Google account to look at the 6 steps. There is also a handy quiz at the end of each section so that you know if you are covering the right information that Google needs.

This information is great for bloggers, game sites, forums, classifieds, and news media centers, who are planning on running ads on their site with the content advertisers are looking for. 

Does your site have what it takes? Google has a guideline for the right kind of sites and how they index them:

Webmaster Guidelines

It may seem obvious, but do you know the best placement for the ad? check out that answer here:

One Click Optimizer

Did you know that you cannot place an ad in an iFrame?  That's in the quiz  and more questions like this can be found at the AdSense Police Quiz:

AdSense Policy Quiz

The check list was published in Oct of 2011, but it's still appropriate today.

If any of your are happy with your Google Adsense programs, please post back here and let us know.

Of course, if you need help in setting up a site, and getting some SEO done, please drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you.

Karen Thomas and the ClickActivate> Team


Posted by C Hamilton on
Thanks! I've been thinking about this as my blog is becoming more popular!
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