How to Convert XLSX to XLS for Free

Posted by Gwen on October 8, 2012

Ever have someone send you an XLSX file and you can't open it? You know that the new format has been out for some time now, and becuase of this embarrasment factor you don't want to have that person resend it as a XLS, or it's too late in the day and you really have to get at the information.

The next step is to turn to the internet on the search term: "convert xlsx to xls" and you get all these sites that will do it for free, but you have to give them your email address, or you have to download something, or you spend all your time clicking through their heirarchy of pages and then their "free" converter does not work.

OK, the answer is simpler than you realized, and you don't have to do anything risky or buy anything. If you have a gmail email address then the solution is easy.

Just log into your gmail account and across the top of the page you'll see the navigation that shows your Google+, Search, Images, Mail, Drive, Calender, Sites, Groups, Contacts, More.

Click on Drive.

That's right! This nifty free tool will convert your file for free and it's safe. Just look for the red icon on the left that says:

Create | (upload)

Pick upload and select your xlsx file.

Once up on the Google Drive site it's ready to view.

Now that it's open, you can see it, but Even better you can do the conversion and save it to your desktop right from this window: All you have to do is select from the top Menu:  "File" > then > "Download As" > and select  "xls".

And then select the location on your drive you would like to save it.

That's it.

Be safe out there on the internet.

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Since this article was written, Google Drive has since changed the interface of the "File" menu and the abilty to do a "Save As" command is now gone. 

As a solution, check out: Zamzar to convert your XLSX file to XLS for free. You will have to enter in your email address, but their privacy policy states that they will not use your name or email when sharing information with third party advertisers - so no one will send email ads to your account. 

We've tried it and so far no ads and the conversion worked. So this is now our official solution. 

Check out:  for your free conversion today. 


Posted by Gwen on
Let us know how Zamzar works out or if you were able to find another XLSX converter that you like.

check out: Zamzar!
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