Kony 2012 Invisible Children: top viral video

Posted by Gwen on July 11, 2012

kony-2012.jpg     I get daily updates from an organization called Ad Age and in the overwhelming deluge of information about display ads, tv, blogging, micro sites and all the rest (but, I must admit - I love it), sometimes something really meaningful comes along. Today was just that day, when the Ad Age Viral video chart landed in my inbox and on the list of traditional marketing media  for such companies as Visa and Virgin Mobile (with a video about Brad's brother, Doug Pitt)    - there was something that was unique and it was called "Invisible Children".

I clicked on it and it was immediately intrigued and instead of ending in 30 secs like most, it kept going. I clicked on the info bar and realized it was 29 minutes long. Keep going on my busy Wed morning? You bet.

I promise you won't feel the same after watching this. 


What I also like about this video  Invisible Children is how the filmmaker visually breaks down the steps to ending the war and how direct the impact can be - Do this and then That will happen.

Bite sized grass roots action?   A very interesting idea and with the internet it seems to be taking hold.

Don't forget to visit the website :  Kony 2012 and take action, but I myself was trying to find the form to contact my representative but didn't find it. Perhaps all the attention from April has drained resources?

Filmmaker Jason Russell suffered from mental exhaustion in March before the April deadline and the movement also garnered a backlash from other advocacy groups that have been working in the region for years.

But one things needs to be noted - the aim was to get attention and action and it has.

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