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Posted by Gwen on December 5, 2012

simple-website.png One day about a month back, one of our customers said they had a super quick project and was there anything we could do to make it a little bit more affordable. Normally web design runs about $65.00 to $85.00 a page depending on what's needed and how big the project is.

He really wanted to work with us, but really couldn't justify $450.00 or more on the project. He said that it was something for a singing group and they just wanted a page for fans and stage managers to check. He only wanted to work with us, and didn't want to go do everything himself, with kids, the job and his singing group.

We thought about it, and then we did something about it. We found a handful of templates that seemed like they would work out and sent them to the client via email, so he could see what was there. 

He immediately shot an email back and said: "I like #5 - how much?" After a brief debate, we sent an email back: "$50.00"

"Great!", was the reply, "Set it up!"

OK! We thought. This should be straightforward.

We installed the base Open Source Content Management System. We like Concrete5, WordPress and Drupal. 

We then loaded up the theme. Worked great. 

We contacted the customer and then he sent us the logo, images and the wording he wanted to use. 

One of the managers here, was a bit skeptical that we could make it worthwhile for $50.00 with all the help we were giving away, but in about an hour or so, the entire thing was done and we sent the customer the log-ins, and his email information. 

It was exciting to see our long time customer with his newly minted $50.00 site up and running in about 1 working day.  It was a great solution.  He later dropped by the office and said the rest of the group had no idea how fast he was able to get the site up and running and people were already linking to it and downloading the videos. The last time someone had attempted it, the website project took a month. 

Our Manager smiled and said, "Win, Win. I like it. Let's start a whole line of $50.00 websites."

We did just that and now we can announce our new addition of $50.00 Simple and Affordable Websites.  15 templates to choose from and more on the way.  See our link or contact us if you have any questions! 


Affordable Websites. 15 Templates, customizable, content management system. 


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